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Fairy Ring Elixir Ceremonial Cacao

Fairy Ring Elixir Ceremonial Cacao

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Revel in the healing dance of functional mushrooms, intertwined with the heart opening wonder of direct-trade cacao. Velvety dark chocolate plays the tune for Turkey Tail, Chaga, Lion’s Mane and Reishi mushrooms to dance across your taste buds like fairies on a moonlit night. 

Cacao is blessed with many attributes, including the ability to open hearts while helping us ground in. From this heart centered place we can focus our love and intentions, and take aligned action. This is an invitation to turn inwards, where you are the true medicine simply by being.

Turkey Tail is brimming with antioxidants and polysaccharides, which studies have shown boost your immune system. Like a gardener, it brings forth prebiotics so our gut fauna can flourish.

Chaga brings balance. Like every great dancer, balance is imperative.

Studies have found that Lion’s Mane can boost mental function, reduce inflammation, and regulate emotions. We personally use it for our cognitive support. A true Golden Lion roaming through your body, protecting the kingdom. 

Reishi completes our circle of friends. A go-to for supporting our immune systems. We find it helps reduce our stress, improves sleep, and lessens fatigue.

Directions: Blend 1-4 roses with 8oz of your favorite warm milk or hot water. Then dance, sing, journal, meditate, or connect with others!

Organic - Vegan - Gluten-Free - Dairy-Free - Soy-Free - Paleo


  • Direct-Trade Cacao Nibs
  • Cacao Butter
  • Coconut Sugar
  • Lion’s Mane
  • Reishi
  • Chaga
  • Turkey Tail

Each batch of Ceremonial Cacao is stone-ground and hand-crafted in Bend, Oregon using all organic ingredients. Imbued with love, prayer, and healing sound; slip into serenity and enjoy the guilt free pleasure of Mama Gaia’s bounty!


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Care Instructions

Store your loaf in an airtight container, beeswax wrap, or plastic bag for up to five days at room temp. Think you'll take longer to eat it? No problem! Pop it in the freezer and pull out a slice to toast for up to six months.

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