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Leaven & Love Organic Bakehouse

Lover’s Elixir Ceremonial Cacao

Lover’s Elixir Ceremonial Cacao

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Grab your favorite milk, and join us in the unfolding of a true Love story. A story that begins at your Heart Center and expands into the infinite. Lover’s Elixir expands our Soul’s connection to Source, illuminating our potential for love overflowing when we take a moment to be with ourselves. Stone-ground for a texture that transforms to velvet, this handcrafted ceremonial cacao brew was manifest in the realm of play, celebration, and ceremony.

Organic - Vegan - Gluten-Free - Dairy-Free - Soy-Free - Paleo



  • Direct-Trade Cacao Nibs
  • Cacao Butter
  • Coconut Sugar

Directions: Blend 1-4 roses with 8 oz of warm milk or hot water. Take a deep breath then dance, sing, journal, meditate, or connect with yourself or others! 

Each batch of Ceremonial Cacao is stone-ground and hand-crafted in Bend, Oregon using all organic ingredients. Imbued with love, prayer, and healing sound; slip into serenity and enjoy the guilt-free pleasure of Mama Gaia’s bounty!


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Care Instructions

Store your loaf in an airtight container, beeswax wrap, or plastic bag for up to five days at room temp. Think you'll take longer to eat it? No problem! Pop it in the freezer and pull out a slice to toast for up to six months.

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