Collection: Gluten-Free Sourdough 101 Workshops

Saturday, March 2nd

10 AM - 12 PM: Classic Loaf Class
1 PM - 3 PM: Paleo Loaf Class
Private Residence (address given upon registration)

In these hands-on, comprehensive workshops, you will learn the art and science of gluten-free sourdough creation, walking away with the confidence to make delicious, gluten-free sourdough at your home. We will walk you through each step of the process, while you create your loaf as we go.

You'll take home your own:
- Brown rice starter & the confidence to maintain it 
- Prepared sourdough loaf, ready to proof and bake at your home
- Proofing bin
- The Gluten-Free Sourdough 101 guide
- The Leaven & Love recipe of your choice (Classic or Paleo-ish). YES, the actual recipe we use! 
-With the option to purchase GF flour kits, to make preparing your future loaves at home even easier with organic ingredients that can be tough to source locally. 


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